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The Canal To A Vietnamese Emcee's Soul

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29th April 2009

7:17am: Help me earn $5000 for the 5th APIA Spoken Word & Poetry Summit!

Potential of One from Dandiggity Le on Vimeo.

This is my personal campaign to help the BAY09 crew earn the needed $5000 to fund the 5th APIA Spoken Word and Poetry Summit. I think I can help achieve our goals within the next three months. Please help donate to this great cause at apiasummit.com I have been a part of this community for ten years.

Please spread the word and support the summit in your own way: throwing events, donating, making others aware that it exist!

For our people!

* Excuse the LONG video time. I'm still learning how to edit video! Please watch it to feel what I'm saying.

22nd February 2009

11:15am: All About Dad World Premiere - Feb 28th, 4PM
All About Dad World Premiere - Feb 28th, 4PM

What: An indie film about a Vietnamese dad, raising his Americanized kids.

Where: San Jose Repertory Theatre
When: Feb 28th, 4pm - Saturday -- and -- March 6th, 9:30pm
Why: to support the cause!

Don't miss it!

buy tickets here:

http://www. cinequest. org/event_view. php?eid=456



If you are in San Jose or the Bay come out to watch the world premiere of my friend's film about a old world Vietnamese father and his new world kids.

hey Bao, I know you can relate bro!

spread the word for me! and try to ask your local film festivals to show it!

28th December 2008

11:45am: Check out my HEALTHY HUSTLE interview

Shouts to my boy Barry Lai of DESIGN REHAB for the chance to speak my mind. Peace and love.

7th December 2008


Nuff said

4th November 2008

10:09pm: Welcome to CHANGE

23rd October 2008



Yeah you heard that right folks! My boys are rocking the midwest this weekend in full force!

I already know whats up. So can you. From battling in DMC’s and ITF’s in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. To touring with Z-Trip and producing for major label artists, they still keep this shit Westcoast and indie ya heard! Oh and if you didn’t know they produce and DJ for the Jabbawockeez.

Cutso and Goldenchyld will be spinning at Bump @ Subterranean tomorrow on Oct 24th.
It is also Cutso’s 27th birthday!

And on Oct 25th he will be at Rodan also spinning. Don’t miss out on this monster of a DJ!

So show him a good time for his first time rockin’ in the Chi!

Goldenchyld is also currently on tour with Carlos Mencia and he will be playing @ The Rosemont Theater on Oct 24th before Sub T.

Hit up his show! It’s been wicked so far!

San Jose, The Bay is in full effect Chicago! Tell them you know Dandiggity. Show some love!

20th October 2008

1:53am: i turned 27 today.

also happy birthday to our boy Qpropaganda!

10/20 baby!

pics from today's beach trip. my girl Val is also a 10/20 girl. she is the one in the green sleeveless vest.

props to my boy Mark Sebastian for the dope photos.

God bless life.

http://www. flickr. com/photos/markjsebastian2/sets/72157608199704263/

Dandiggity's Birthday

http://www. flickr. com/photos/markjsebastian2/sets/72157608199704263/

4th October 2008

1:05pm: Lovefest? YES!

26th September 2008

7:55pm: and McCain... you are still an assclown to me
And bro, most of us hate you too.  Art by my boy Steve Ha for Flavor Innovator.

art by my boy Steve Ha for Flavor Innovator

19th September 2008

1:39am: photo meme

take a picture of yourself right now.
don't change your clothes, don't fix your hair... just take a picture.
post that picture with NO editing.
post these instructions with your picture.

11th August 2008

1:16am: Trying to please a mountain
Why is it so hard to please someone you care about? Are their expectations of you so high that you couldn’t possibly obtain them yourself?

I have a certain someone in my family who just can’t be pleased. No matter how much good work I do in this world, if it doesn’t equate into money it is a waste of time to him.

 It’s not like I care to live up to anyone’s standards (except my own) it is just that I love this person so much that I want to make him proud, but with my own accomplishments.

And I believe I’ve done a good amount of work thus far. More than most people would ever do in their lifetime. Am I in a rush to become successful? Heck yeah. Yet I don’t feel I have to be measured by what the world or what others deem as “success.”

My life was and is now still full of hardships, but I always made it out on top with the support of my family and friends.

I’m going to try and pave my way by my own means. I’m not trying to impress anyone with glitz or glamour.

So for now I can’t impress this person by becoming some mogul and business geek.

He is going to have to believe I will make it in this world, to just place his trust in me.

We all want to make others proud of us. We desire that kind of affirmation in our lives. We feel like we are doing something right by those words.

Maybe someday I will hear those words from this person. Then again maybe I might not hear them ever.  I’m optimistic, as always.

Live your life the way you see fit. But remember to conform it to the ideals and beliefs you represent. I suggest trying to be a positive light to others and this world. We could always use more heroes.

God bless you all with love.

- Danny

8th August 2008

6:54pm: What love is
I just got back from the five-day retreat with my band. And I got to say; it is good to be home again. Surrounded by wilderness and the beautiful countryside it helped clear my mind of a lot of crap that was bugging me.

Love is a constant topic, emotion, and issue that revolve around my life and I’m sure yours as well. For many of my friends they assume since I have so many people surrounding my life that I should feel like the most loved person on earth. But that not true. Often enough I feel like the loneliest person alive. Impossible? No, not at all. We all feel alone, abandoned, betrayed, misunderstood, and exiled at various points in our lives.

But sometimes and for some people it’s a constant struggle to stay sane and to feel loved. We survive by keeping ourselves busy to dampen the hardship that is flailing away at our “heart.” Though this does ease some of our pains, it is all but temporary as the wake of the world shakes at our foundations and we start to crumble under the pressure. And like a ship with no anchor we slip into the torrential ocean of our minds.  

“Why won’t s/he like me?”

“Am I that unattractive?”

“What’s wrong with me?”

These questions abuse our self worth. Strangling and choking our existence we let in this grief. It seeps in, slowly killing the beauty inside; the truth we portray into twisted lies. We let deceit tell us who we are. We allow old and new pity to take center stage within our souls. We scour the earth for someone who only pleases our worldly senses, to satisfy only our primal urges and desires. We are animals, but do we have to behave without a conscious?

I thought what I needed was something more than what God was already offering me. I was looking for that something all my life. Yet insecurities and my own lack of faith in my own power, my own talents kept me from ever reaching my full potential in life.

I kept myself alone. I made myself appear happy to everyone.
At night I would drive by myself to party, drink, and dance. Believing that the sight and sound of laughter and fleeting comradery would be absorbed into my own being.

A temporary solution never withstands the passing of time. Eventually we must face what is coming into our own homes.

My demons came for me, time and time again throughout my life in the form of failed relationships, the parting of friends, the discourse of family, the torment of failure, and the coldness of a Faithless existence.

I constantly believed I could fill my life with people, events, music, and art to make myself happy. How wrong I was.

My soul longed for love but I did not have God’s love within me. I did not have a love that was content on life first. I desired heaven before living on Earth.

This retreat away from San Jose gave me a chance to reset my thinking. Looking into the eyes of 70 youths, too see their eager minds and hearts want to know about God and about their own humanity reminded me why I wanted the same. To see them laugh and play, sing and dance to our music and actually appreciate our presence was inspiring.

There was one kid named Josh, the most thuggish looking kid from all the teens. Throughout the five days no one else really talked to him. He looked alienated and alone. My band mates and I felt sorry for him. The only time he would brighten up were the times everyone played sports. I attempted to open myself to him at various times. At most I would get a nod of agreement or a “Hi.” I felt like I was being pushed out, like I was someone corny to him.

To my surprise last night at the bond fire he wanted to take a picture with me. I thought my friend Bernardo put him up to it. I asked Bernardo, “Did you force him to take a picture with me?” Bernardo told me, “No, he asked me to take it for him.”

I felt like breaking down. I felt like something was awoken in me. I realized why I do the things I do, why I love the way I love.

When we all parted our ways Josh left the band a letter. He said he enjoyed our music and that it was something he never heard before and appreciated our presence.

But what got me was his P.S.

“Your lead singer is the most awesome person in your band.”

The teen I thought I couldn’t touch and connect with flipped my perception of him in a total 180.

That letter made me feel like I had a true purpose. Sure the 30 other letters meant much to me as well, but it was Josh who decided, “Hey Danny is an okay guy.”

As I’m writing this right now, I’m crying because that was God telling me my self worth from one voice. The most unlikely source telling me that I am loved.

My time up in Occidental was filled with wine tasting, music, games, and heart to hearts. I tried to find an answer to my pain by logic and by faith. But all I needed to do was do my duty as a Christian, singer, disciple, and friend.

And my answer would come when I least expect it to.

Am I totally over everything in my life? No.

But I think I can cope with this renewed heart and soul for a love divine.

Thanks for reading and God bless you.

- Danny

3rd August 2008

6:02pm: Come on, baby, dry your eyes
Wipe your tears
Never like to see you cry
Wont you please forgive me ?

I wouldnt ever try to hurt you
I just needed someone to hold me
To fill the void while you were gone
To fill this space of emptiness

Im only human
Of flesh and blood Im made
Born to make mistakes

So many nights I longed to hold you
So many times I looked and saw your face
Nothing could change the way I feel
No-one else could ever take your place

Im only human
Of flesh and blood Im made
Born to make mistakes

I am just a man

Please forgive me

The tears I cry arent tears of pain
Theyre only to hide my guilt and shame
I forgive you now I ask the same of you
While we were apart I was human too

Im only human
Of flesh and blood Im made
I am just a man
Born to make mistakes

15th July 2008





13th July 2008

10:18am: Guess who became a PR of a shoe company?
When a chance of a lifetime falls into your lap it's a scary thing at first. I mean, in a case like mine it pretty much alters the course of your life. It takes you from your normal (if I ever considered anything I did normal) routine and into a totally different one. You speculate whether to stay comfortable with what you are doing currently, or take the new challenge and see where it goes.

Well I have been presented with this challenge from two of my friends, Mark Gamab and Neil Cueto. Both of these dudes are the creative guys at Danger Inc, a company mostly known for making software and apps for the SIDEKICK phone.

I've known Mark for years mostly as a designer and as a Drum and Bass DJ and Neil just recently through Mark. When I first heard of their shoe company PLSTK since it's beginning in 2006 I was really stoked. I have TONS of pride for anyone in San Jose pushing the creative button here in this town. Frankly because we have so much talent here that gets no shine from all the other "major" towns. So seeing these two dudes do it on their own against a world of competition gave me goosebumps. That's gangster $hit.

In my heart I wanted to help out with their budding company. I wanted to be apart of something in the fashion/design world. I've always been involved in the arts and fashion to a certain degree. I enjoyed the street culture of clothes and kicks. From the early Hip Hop 90's to the skater days, raver brands, and to the current "streetwear" scene, I love the fact people make these things for consumers to floss.

Neil called me like two days ago and wanted to talk to me about something. I assumed it was about some new project they wanted me to help promote. To my surprise, it wasn't just any project, he wanted me to come on board with the team and become their PR dude. I was flattered that they wanted me to do public relations for them. The answer they both gave me when I asked them why they choose someone like me was "...because you had the raw talent that someone who learned PR in school doesn't have."

That comment made me feel good. Really GOOD. I always prided my ability to meet new people and easily vibe with them. In my lifetime I considered myself a decent writer and poet, an okay singer in my band, and a fairly good dancer (well I think so). But I always knew my real strength was in networking.

Mark and Neil wanted me to come on board their two man operation and see where we can fly off. Where we can end up when hard work and dedication is in the mix. They also hired a sales person, Kristina, to help them with all the money and distro stuff.

So now PLSTK is a team of four and ready for the world.

I don't know what's going to happen to me with this new position. I was stressing on finding a teaching job this whole summer. I wasn't sure where the future held for me. I asked God where did I fit in. I really didn't want to be doing something boring or uninspiring for the rest of my life. I always kept things eclectic. Well I was answered with a phone call.

PLSTK is a chance for me to prove my worth in a different market. And from the beginning, I believed in Mark and Neil. I believed in their artistic philosophy and designs. I believed in this product because I knew the folks behind it. I own a couple pairs and they are really comfy and good looking. So now I'm apart of this dream, and I can say it's my dream too.

So please visit www.plstk.com and www.plstk.com/blog on updates and such. You can even buy the shoes online.

I'm not following blindly into this. I'm not working for the MAN and selling some crap. To work with friends is the best situation I can be in. For good or worst. Wish me luck folks. Oh, and I still plan on teaching. I still need the money =)

6th July 2008

Some flicks at the Fingerbangerz/Jabbawockeez 5th of July BBQ, impromptu media frenzy, and Music Machine madness. What is amazing is that most of these guys and girls are all folks I've known growing up here in San Jose. Friends, teachers, and teammates, we were all shaped by Hip Hop and the idea on how it could change our/the world. Look at us now, on the forefront of all our dreams. Our neglected little town is the hotbed for a movement.

Shout out to all affiliated crews and family: Fingerbangerz, Jabbawockeez, Mindtricks, 17 Hertz, B-Syde, Money Makes Me Handsome, Jermey Castillo and crew, Stablished, Beautiful Music Baby, Red Stripe Group, Jeepney Music and anyone else I forgotten.

God blessed me with these folks. I owe Him ten times ten fold.

Some flicks of the 4th of July event we had with our boys the Jabbawockeez. For the record, my man Nick Ngo of 17 Hertz Studios is the ONLY person to pull ALL 10 Jabbas to a show. So for all you haters... keep hating. San Jose is running game. Fingerbangerz + Jabbawockeez = Westcoast Alliance.

Hip Hop has never seen a force like this EVER. Watch out world.


Photos by my good friends Mark Sebastian and Simpson Yiu. We are bad ass!

25th June 2008



18th June 2008

5:18pm: So last week I woke up early on a Saturday to drop off some gear I got from Exact Science for the Jabbawockeez.

It was good to hang out with them, even though it was a rushed morning.

(They had a show in Stockton later that day.)

It was good to see my boy DJ Replay with them. Jabbawockeez and Fingerbangerz, that's whats up.

JabbaDiggityBangerz.jpg picture by dandiggity


Belle (World Famous) Joe (Jabba) Kevin (Jabba) Cris (Jabba) Wish (Jabba) Rynan (Jabba)

Replay (Fingerbangerz) and yours truly Diggity all standing next to one PIMPED out Hummer limo.

14th June 2008

4:20pm: I know advertising on LIVEJOURNAL is wack but...







BOTTLE SERVICE: 408-279-4444


[[[PRESALE $25 // DOOR $30]]]


www. brownpapertickets. com



11th June 2008

10:17am: GO THIS SUNDAY!

Sunday, June 15, 2008
The APIA Spoken Word & Poetry Summit Presents:
VOLUME CONTROL 2 - A Fundraiser for the 2009 Summit in the Bay Area
featuring performances from:
Proletariat Bronze
Aimee Suzara
Broken Halos
Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha
Malaya Arevelo
Nate Krooks
Rodrael Guadalupe
and Youth Slam Champions Bryant Phan & Christsna Sot
with DJ shredONE
and hosts Adriel & Ruby from iLL-Literacy

6pm Doors, 7pm Show
$10-$20 sliding scale donation
All proceeds go to the 2009 APIA Spoken Word & Poetry Summit

co-sponsored by Apex Express 94.1FM KPFA & Youth Speaks

for more information, contact volumecntrl@gmail.com
log on to www.apiasummit.com

10th June 2008

11:12pm: fed up with the cry babies
as you know there is a crew on America's Best Dance Crew Season 2 that is causing some newbie dance groupies to get mad.

Supreme Soul is a collective of dancers from the Bay Area made up of dancers from Machine Gone Fawnk, Soul Sector, Funks SF, Beats n Pieces etc etc...

many of the members have been dancing for 10+ years and some are MONSTERS in the current battle and street dance scenes.


MTV planted this so called "beef" with the Jabbawockeez for ratings. that's it.

the battle in question was not how most folks played it out as.

don't be blinded by how MTV portrays this crew. the media shouldn't be trusted for the RAW HIP HOP outside commercial medias.

vote for this crew because unlike everyone else, they aren't a college troupe or dance company.

they don't "audition" people or change rosters as people graduate out of school.

this is a REAL family of street dancers.


i know many of them personally. they are really really nice guys.

don't believe the hype. vote for the crew who can handle.

and stop comparing them to Jabba if you are.

if you don't dance and know the styles of street dance, please just shut up and let them do their thing.

ignorance just makes everything ugly.

go to www.mtv.com and vote!

plus my boy and Jason Bayani's bro Bionic Man is on the crew!

and my boy Slim! Vietnamese on the scene!

and that dork RJ!

9th June 2008


America's Best Dance Crew Season 2

it's in the bag



and eff MTV for planting this so called "beef" with Jabba

freakin made up bulllllllll!
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